Moon Month Calendar

The MOON MONTH CALENDAR, 13 moon months for one year, with pages explaining the basic compotents of natural time. The work on and production of any further editions is indefinitely discontinued due to personal and societal situations issues.   A book is currently being worked on on Natural Time.  I am glad to share informtion, exchange with others on natural time.


With an emphasis on the natural moon months, this makes in almost all years 13 moon months. 


For people who love the Earth, the Moon and nature and want to live their lives based on these natural rhythms.  The natural moon months are with two waxing and waning halves, (the fortnights or natural weeks), and with the 8 moon phases.  The hours, natural divisions and phases of the day exist for the first day of each of the waxing and waning halves of each moon month.  As well the seasons of winter, spring, fall and summer and their thirds (which are traditionally called the star sign phases), are emphasized. 


Such a natural time calendar helps humans to come into a more natural pattern of life and includes both natural time and the Gregorian Calendar systems of time measurement. 


If you have any questions about the calendar, if you are interested in this information or exchange about natural time keeping, you may reach me through E-Mail at


Many thanks to my graphic layout and printing angel for many years for the Moon Month Calendar, Mr. Klaus Sanden, SK Verlag Klaus Sanden, Bamberg.


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