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A workshop with Carolyn Czichos, artist name cosma terra ccc, was offered at the Diwali Festival, Sunday, 27 Oktober, 10 – 17 o`clock, in the KUF Kulturwerkstatt auf AEG, Fürther Str. 244d, 90429 Nürnberg, 17 - 18:30 Uhr, on the theme of "Rangoli Demonstration, Mantra Singing & Meditation: quiet Activities for Diwali", in the Ideenreich-Room for up to 20 participants on a no cost or voluntary contributions basis.

For the Diwali festival it is a tradition to create a special rangoli.  This is an artistic floor mandala made of colored powder.  Additionally, Puja is held.  Ms. Czichos demonstrated the making of a simple rangoli and explain some about the tradition of rangoli.  And, the participants also participated with rangoli creation, could sing or listen to the sung mantras and were led in as short relaxation meditation.  Afterward the workshop, the Rangoli was left in place for all who wished to visit and have quietness break until the end of the event.



Since the International Year of Light as declared by the UN, UNESCO for the year of 2015, the public attention to and artists creativity with light art seems to be booming.   Incredibly detailed and extensive light displays, from single objects to groups of installations to whole city light festivals like of the City of Harbin in China, (already since 1963), seem to multiplying all over the globe. Building exteriors, Indoor spaces, outdoors places are all getting the light art treatment.  There is an incredible creativity going on with this, which is delightful and shows to me a primary human attraction to and fascination with light.  What I notice is the sheer fun of the joy of viewing the light art, the wonderful artistic and craftsmanship talents and variety shown, and also that much or most of the popular light art, light displays relies on electrical light and computer technology. 


I was intuitively inspired in 2007 to begin to create an own form of light art.  This started with a combination of candles, candle fire-light, and various glass holders or vessels - as a playful experimenting with the different moving shapes thrown by the candle light from the individual forms of glass vessels.  Then this progressed to making different types of figures.  After that, the further developments that came about involved using my knowledge and abilities in meditation, spirituality, the elements, crystal or stone energies, and geomancy to create an unique energetic, spiritual form of light art.   Relying mostly on the fire-light of lit candles, (I also do use electric battery-operated led artificial tea candles in rooms where candle-light is unsafe or isn't allowed), I sometimes use stones to enhance the energies of these light art figures.  I plan to increase the size of these into small to medium size installations.


Here you can see a few examples as photos of my individual form of light art designs. I intuitively design the light art installations consciously using the living candle-fire, crystal and glass energies and patterns, mineral energies.  Some are asymmetrical smaller figures, others are symmetrical and like mandalas.  They all have different types of forms and energies for different types of themes, and as well I put these together in mind with the place, time of year and the use or event this is done for.  The light figures are particulary siutable for special events in special venues in which the room itself also contributes to the appeal and harmony of the total expeience.  Places where darkness is possible are necessary.  For such events I can also sing energetically with the elements, with angels in combination with the energies of the installations offering a very unique and energizing experience.  When this is the case, especially then, interior spaces, rooms with unique accoustics, attractive forms and pleasantly spaces of unusual spaces or rooms like caves, temples or chapels particularly lend a resounding quality to the energetic and sound experience. 


The last years, I have also gathered experience with guided group creative activities with candle and glass forms light art by setting up a prepared middle to large size room with provision of all the materials to do candle and glass forms light art.  This has been up to now in a school setting, but could also be arranged for at any gathering in which a small to middle size free room is available which can be darkened.


It is possible to purchase: some of the already made installations or ones on a commission basis with instructions on how to put them together; and, signed, limited edition photos of installations. It is also possible to arrange for commissioned films of commissiond light art installations.


As of January 2018, a few very simply made short films of some of my light art figures, installations can be seen here as well as in the internet, in or  These short light art figures videos can be found in youtube under my artist name cosma terra ccc. The ability to film these properly and with good sound quality is something I still work on.



Einen Workshop mit Carolyn Czichos würde zu den Diwali Fest, Sonntag, 27. Oktober, 10 – 17 Uhr, würde angeboten in der KUF Kulturwerkstatt auf AEG, Fürther Str. 244d, 90429 Nürnberg im Ideenreich-Raum von 17 - 18:30 Uhr. Der Thema diese Workshop, "Rangoli Vorführung, Mantrasingen & Stille: ruhige Aktivitäten zu Diwali", für bis zu 20 Teilnehmer, one Teilnahmegebühr, auf freiwillige Kleinspenden für die Unkosten.

An Diwali ist es Tradition ein spezielles Rangoli zu gestalten.  Dies ist ein kunstvolles Bodenmandala aus farbigem Pulver.  Des Weiteren wird traditionell Puja durchgeführt.   Die Künstlerin hat den Aufbau eines einfachen Rangoli vorgeführt und etwas zur Tradition der Herstellung erklären.  Die Teilnehmer könnten auch Teile der Rangoli unter Anleitung auch mit gestalten, danach würden einzelne Sanskrit Mantren gemeinsam gesungen und  im Anschluss würde in die Stille geführt.  Nach der Workshop würde der schöne Rangoli Mandala belassen sodass den Raum als Ruheraum für die restliche Abendveranstaltung diente.



Hier können Sie ein Paar Beispiele von meine individuelle Form der Lichtkunst Installationen sehen.  Ich gestalte intuitiv lebende Kerzenfeuer, Kristale und Glas Mustern, Mandalas mit verschiedene Arten von Energien für verschiedene Themen, abhängig von der Jahreszeit und die Veranstaltung wofür es gemacht wird. Für besondere Veranstaltungen in auch accoustisch spezielle Räume wie Hohlen, Tempeln, Kapellen, kann ich auch shamanisch, mit Engeln singen in Kombination mit die Energien der Lichtkunstinstallatin um eine sehr einmallige, energetizierende, friedliche Erfahrung anzubieten.


Es ist möglich von Lichtinstallation folgendes zu kaufen:  eine zum selbst zusammenstellen mit den Teile davon, mit Anleitung zur Zusammenstellen; stille Fotos davon in signierte limitierte Auflage davon sowie Filme von Lichtkunst Figuren oder Installations auf Auftragsbasis.


Seit Januar 2018, können Sie hier sow im Internet Kurzfilme von einzelne meinen Lichtkunstinstallation ansehen.  In der Internetseite,  können Sie zurzeit drei sehr einfache erste Lichtinstallation Kurzfilme ansehen die unter meine Künstlername cosma terra ccc abrufbar sind.  Sodass diese Kurzfilme von den Lichtinstallationen von besseren Qualität sein können, arbeite ich daran.



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