Collage Tile Art, Mandala Style
Collagefliesenkunst, Mandala Stil


After doing simpler collage picture type of artworks, I was interesting in doing larger format works, but couldn't at that time afford the costs of off-set printing, the usual large editions required with that.  One day while looking at the art nouveau tiles on the floor of the city library in Bamberg, I had the inspiration to do collage tile artworks, using the regular copy and mirror-image functions of the color copiers which I would enjoy using for reproductions of my regular collage artworks.  The first collage tile artworks were and continue to be made as the picture collage artworks.  They are made with paper and glue, either put together spontaneously or with a carefully drawn out pattern on millimeter paper as square or rectangular or triangular tiles, with piecesof illustrated photo pieces - like doing itarsien or quilting work.  The finished collage tiles earlier were photocopies, (the half of the tiles in regular copy, the other half of the tiles in mirror image copy), cut out and then glued next to each other onto a background piece of cardboard. 


It was fun in the years of an on-going exhibit at the downtown Bamberg department store of Hertie/Karstadt to ride my bicycle downtown with two  one meters quare and one one-and-a-half meter square artworks as artworks tiles carefully packed in my backpack!   At that department store I was provided with the generous use of three larger pieces of bonded white coated boards to install and periodically replace my tile artworks.   That was the art version of pasting up the separate sheets of a larger advertisement for billboards on the streets.  Once I had access to a scanner and printer and help from one of my sons with putting the tiles together for a print version of a completed artwork, then the tile artworks became more unified in their appearance, the white spaces between the earlier tile artworks were then gone.


The tile artworks shown here are just a few of those that I have already created.  It is possible to review other tile artworks as well, to purchase limited edition, signed prints of existing works or to commission new tile artworks.  Due to the hugely expansive possibilities of digital printing size and materials, such tile artworks can be created and used as artworks for any size and for very many materials from stamps or stickers to paper and fabric designs, to wall paper for interiors, and to larger printed synthetic, ceramic or glass tiles or printing for interior flooring, outdoors paving or building exteriors!


Many Thanks to my art, photo prints angel for many years, Frau Anne C. Seelmann, DiFoSe, Digital Foto Service Seelmann, (Digital Photo Service), Lange Strasse 21, 96047 Bamberg, Tel. 0951 - 98 09 533, E-Mail,!

Vielen Dank an meine Kunst-, Fotodruck Engel seit viele Jahren, Frau Anne C. Seelmann, DiFoSe, Digital Foto Service Seelmann, Lange Strasse 21, 96047 Bamberg, Tel. 0951 - 98 09 533, E-Mail,!


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