Light Art, Lichtkunst


Leading up to and in the aftermath of the International Year of Light as declared by the UN, UNESCO for the year of 2015, public, artists attention to and creativity in regards to light art seems to have significantly increased.   Out of this interest in light artworks, practically all the developing light art artworks rely on artificial, electrical light and activities surrounding this area of art are becoming increasingly public in their promotion and display.  It is becoming quite a regular activity for many communities, cities to have yearly light events in which, for example, indoors and outdoors various electric artists light installations are installed and various buildings are illuminated artistically.


I was inspired in 2007 to start to create my own form of light art using my knowledge and abilities up to that time in the areas of meditation, spirituality, nature element and stone energies, geomancy to create an unique holistic, spiritual intuitively derived form of light art.  My intent with these is to contribute to positive existence and developments for all of Earthkind, so that I view my own light art activity and the products of this more as a spiritual creative activity towards increased harmony and therefore peace between all in Earthkind.


Here you can see a few examples of my individual form of light art installations. I intuitively design living candle-fire, crystal and glass patterns, mandalas with different types of energies for different types of themes, according to the place, time of year and the event this is done for.  The light installations are particulary siutable for special events in special venues with unique accoustics like in caves, temples or chapels and particularly a room or outdoors space in darkness is required.  For such events I can also sing shamanically, with angels in combination with the energies of the installations offering a very unique and energizing, peaceful experience.


It is possible to purchase: some of the already made installations or ones on a bespoken basis with instructions on how to put them together; and, signed, limited edition photos of installations. It is also possible to arrange for bespoken films of bespoken light art installations.


As of January 2018, it is possible to view short films of a few of my light art installations here as well as in the internet .  Three short films of selected light art installations are available to view in or and can be accessed through my artist name cosma terra ccc.



Hier können Sie ein Paar Beispiele von meine individuelle Form der Lichtkunst Installationen sehen.  Ich gestalte intuitiv lebende Kerzenfeuer, Kristale und Glas Mustern, Mandalas mit verschiedene Arten von Energien für verschiedene Themen, abhängig von der Jahreszeit und die Veranstaltung wofür es gemacht wird. Für besondere Veranstaltungen in auch accoustisch spezielle Räume wie Hohlen, Tempeln, Kapellen, kann ich auch shamanisch, mit Engeln singen in Kombination mit die Energien der Lichtkunstinstallatin um eine sehr einmallige, energetizierende, friedliche Erfahrung anzubieten.


Es ist möglich von Lichtinstallation folgendes zu kaufen:  eine zum selbst zusammenstellen mit den Teile davon, mit Anleitung zur Zusammenstellen; stille Fotos davon in signierte limitierte Auflage davon.


Seit Januar 2018, können Sie hier sow im Internet Kurzfilme von einzelne meinen Lichtkunstinstallation ansehen.  In der Internetseite, können Sie zurzeit drei Lichtinstallation Kurzfilme ansehen die unter meine Künstlername cosma terra ccc abrufbar sind.

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